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July 23, 2006


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The link for Mycah's "weewee" adventure should be:



Barry Campbell

Sorry to hear that you're suffering from the heat. The link to the entry from enrevanche is actually:



You've missed my cats out again! I used the carmival submissions form this time too, and got a confirmation email so I know you got it.

The post is here http://nancythroughthelookingglass.blogspot.com/2006/07/thursday-cat-entry.html#comments

and there names are tabitha and gizmo.


Sorry about the funky postings and the missed entries. Bad kitty! Eveything got sweaty and slippery and things go out of hand. It is now 75 degrees and Cato feels and looks better, but he ain't typing this morning.

Laurence Simon

Ah ok. Cool.

Happy happy!

Sissy Willis

Nice job. And EXCELLENT choice of photographs. :)

Here's correct link for the Babe. He's a boy! and ain't he beautiful?


Plus two others I had sent along for your viewing pleasure:




Oh Babe! Cates says he's just the cutest even if he is a boy.

Typepad says I broke the editor by cutting and pasting rather than typing everything in by hand. They have given me no alternatives but to edit HTML, which is something neither me nor my campaign manager know how to do. Still working on correcting broken links, just don't really know how,

It's 95 degrees and we're hoping the fog comes into the Napa Valley tomorrow morning. Love to kitties everywhere, Cato.

Sissy Willis

Thanks for your Herculean efforts.

All best to Cates and campaign manager.


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