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February 23, 2010


Considerable Feline

Praise the ever transcendent Cato!

Considerable Feline

where can Cato's followers get larger copies of the art work that features him in spiritual poses?


If you click with your mouse on the jpg, you will get an enlarged picture. Cato

Comsiderable Feline

I thank you for the response, but alas, if we take the example of Catoprimordialpool, when clicked on, it is no larger. :( To have a larger copy of such a splendid jpeg would surely be a life enriching experience. :)

Comsiderable Feline

Is Cato on Facebook? If not, he should be. If so he should friend me. :)



Yes, the image is small. Perhaps Considerable Feline would like to visit the primordial pool and have a direct experience rather than a jpg. I extend an open invitation to "The Pink Tongue," in Calistoga: http://www.creaturesoftheearth.com/my_weblog/2007/06/the_scratching_.html

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